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Melodically engaging and lyrically honest, Turnaround is the perfect choice for a youth conference or church gathering. … we can’t wait to see what this band does next!”
-Love and the Outcome (band)


Since 2009, Turnaround has been electrifying audiences with their energy on stage and unique hip-hop, electronic, funk-influenced pop sound. They were recently announced as a 2017 CFA National Talent Search Finalist after performing at Big Ticket Festival. Just a month prior, the track “Unforgettable” was featured on the movie Two Steps from Hope produced by Gaffer Media. The trio of Brock Barcus, Travis Mabbitt, and Colton Smith hails from the small town of Redkey, Indiana. In addition to headlining their own concerts, Turnaround has landed opportunities to perform at youth conferences, outreach events, and church gatherings, and has opened for artists KJ-52, Big Daddy Weave, Francesca Battistelli, Salvador, the Museum, and Chris August. 

Turnaround’s sophomore album, Unforgettable, is packed with narratives stemming from the experiences of the bandmates, taking the listener on a journey through struggles and into the glorious hope found in Jesus Christ. Album-opener “Criminal” is an energetic anthem proclaiming the believer’s drive to share the Gospel no matter what the odds against them. According to frontman Brock Barcus, “The title track describes our mission, which is to take the listeners with us on an honest journey where following Christ means past struggles are not the end, but rather the beginning of an unforgettable life.” Closing out the album is a raw track, “Faithful Again,” chronicling doubts and fears encountered by the troupe during the creation of the album and ultimately reminding both the artist and the audience of God’s unending faithfulness.

Each member of Turnaround offers a unique set of skills, abilities, and experiences to each show and project. Travis Mabbitt lends a funk-driven electric guitar sound while also serving as technical manager. Working as sound engineer for both Turnaround and other artists, drummer Colton Smith surprises listeners with his rap skills and serves as graphic designer. Lead singer and songwriter Brock Barcus plays keyboard, digitally composes tracks, and produces both the album and the live show. While completing a degree emphasizing music business, Barcus was afforded the opportunity to intern with contemporary Christian artist Love and the Outcome on Winter Jam’s 2014 tour.



Vocals, Keys, Programming / Brock Barcus
Guitar / Travis Mabbitt
Drums / Colton Smith



Turnaround is a Christian, contemporary band with a true heart for Jesus Christ and ministering to His people. I have had the honor of knowing Turnaround since their inception in 2009. Since that time, they have held several concerts at our church, as well as leading worship. Every event fulfills three qualifications I look for as a Youth Pastor: 1) the music is biblically sound and glorifies God, 2) the members of Turnaround are Spirit-led, and 3) the quality of the music and performance is top-notch. Without reservation, I recommend Turnaround to any group or organization seeking a thoroughly enjoyable music experience. Turnaround is also professional in conduct, speech, and working to make your event run as smoothly as possible. I have worked with other bands and speakers who arrived late, were not properly prepared, or failed to meet my expectations for quality; Turnaround, however, has never disappointed me. In fact, Turnaround exceeds my expectations every time, because they diligently and consistently work to fine-tune their music, performances, and messages. On a personal level, all four members of Turnaround and those who assist them, are committed followers of Jesus Christ, who seek to glorify Him in everything they do. It is my sincere hope that you also will see the value of this God-given ministry, and invite Turnaround to be part of your upcoming event.

-Casey (youth pastor)


To Fellow Believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

I count this an honor to share with you what “Turnaround” has come to mean to me. I have watched these young men grow to be true broken vessels for Christ. Their music and lives have been exemplary. They truly live the life that their songs express. I have seen others who have refused to become broken for Christ and choose to go after their dreams instead of letting Christ lead each step and have watched them become nothing but shipwrecks and their ministries always ended. The more broken we are the more God can do with us. God’s ways have nothing to do with race, finances or education, it is all a matter of brokenness. And I can truly say these men are “BROKEN FOR CHRIST”.

-Amber (support fan)


Our church has a youth retreat each year with churches invited from all around the county. This is the first year we had a professional band. And I must say they were amazing. They were well prepared and very professional. The music/worship service was very powerful and relevant to the youth of today. They made a huge impression on our youth group. The Lord is using this group of young men to spread the word of God in a powerful way.

-Bob (youth pastor)


I saw you guys at Awesomefest and bought your CD. The songs on the CD are great but cannot convey the amazing energy you give off and the powerful message you send at the live show. So glad I got to see that performance!

-Turnaround Fan