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We are Turnaround


After months of pushing themselves musically, lyrically, and spiritually, as well as eight weeks in the studio, Turnaround released Unforgettable, their second full-length album. The Indiana-based trio consists of long-time friends Brock Barcus, Travis Mabbitt, and Colton Smith.  With an evolving electronic, funk, and hip-hop influenced pop sound, these talented Hoosiers have been making music together since 2009.  In addition to headlining their own concerts, Turnaround has landed opportunities to perform at youth conferences, outreach events, and church gatherings, and has opened for artists Big Daddy Weave, Francesca Battestelli, Salvador, the Museum, and Chris August.


Turnaround is gearing up to kick off the Unforgettable Tour, through which they intend to bring to life the stories featured on the album.  These narratives stem from the experiences of the bandmates, taking the listener on a journey through struggles and into the glorious hope found in Jesus Christ.  Album-opener “Criminal” is an energetic anthem proclaiming the believer’s drive to share the Gospel no matter what the odds against them.  According to frontman Brock Barcus, “The title track describes our mission, which is to take the listeners with us on an honest journey where following Christ means past struggles are not the end, but rather the beginning of an unforgettable life.”  Closing out the album is a raw track, “Faithful Again,” chronicling doubts and fears encountered by the troupe during the creation of the album and ultimately reminding both the artist and the audience of God’s unending faithfulness.


Each member of Turnaround offers a unique set of skills, abilities, and experiences to each show and project.  Travis Mabbitt lends a funk-driven electric guitar sound while also serving as technical manager.  Working as sound engineer for both Turnaround and other artists, drummer Colton Smith surprises listeners with his rapping skills and serves as graphic designer. Lead singer and songwriter Brock Barcus plays keyboard, digitally composes tracks, and produces both the album and the live show.  While completing a degree emphasizing music business, Barcus was afforded the opportunity to intern with contemporary Christian artist Love and the Outcome on Winter Jam’s 2014 tour.



 “Melodically engaging and lyrically honest, Turnaround is the perfect choice for a youth conference or church gathering.  … we can’t wait to see what this band does next!”  -Love and the Outcome (CCM Recording Artist)


Vocals, Keys, Programming / Brock Barcus
Guitar / Travis Mabbitt
Drums / Colton Smith










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